January Favourites + Blog Fail

Chanel Farouche, Essie In Stitches, Mac Naked Lunch Antiqued Having gone rogue with the blog’s content, this month I decide to include a few lifestyle and film favourites. First of all, I have loved the blog revamp. Design and hosting was something I was going to tackle next but to my surprise somebody has already bought The Style Suit. In the past week or so. Considering I was about to do it now, let’s just say I’m a tad bit upset! My favourite part is that there is literally no content on that website. What a fab beginning of the year… Let’s talk what I did enjoy though.

Chanel Farouche – it was an impulse purchase at Fenwick and I initially regretted it but then I applied it, and then applied it everyday, and I fell for it. No faults. The colour is perfect as is the formula.

Essie In Stitches – I have worn nothing but Nails Inc Porchester for a while but when I saw Amelia wear Angora Cardi I felt the need to change. I don’t have Angora Cardi but In Stitches is very similar, just more warm-toned. And then I noticed it’s an exact match to Chanel Farouche.

Mac Eyeshadows in Naked Lunch and Antiqued – it might come as no surprise as these were both featured in my recent makeup looks but I love this little duo. I felt like I needed a few non-matte eyeshadows to add to my stash and these fit in perfectly. Frost and Veluxe Pearl, respectively, are my favourite textures and these two go perfectly with the likes of Makeup Geek Frappe.DSC02936

Chanel Card Holder – despite having dropped it on the floor on the trains and almost lost it multiple times, I am absolutely in love with the grained calfskin and the burgundy lining. Plus I manage it to fit about 6-7 cards in and that pretty much does it for me. It’s so soft!

COS Blazer Dress – if given a choice between this and 2014’s version of blazer dress, I would probably pick up the other one as it was shorter and didn’t have a tie at the waist but do I love the look of blazer dresses and admittedly the conservative length makes me feel that bit more sophisticated.

Journalling – UO + Skriva – whenever I felt bad, I tried to write down my thoughts and found it very helpful in making me get over the negativity. I’d either use my Urban Outfitters journal or Skriva app on my iPhone which is a minimalist productivity dream.


House of Cards but really Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright – I need it to be March already in general but FU 2016 is just pretty accurate. Considering I didn’t care much about these actors before (like I don’t care about Julianna Margulies after seven seasons of TGW), I would binge watch all of their films now. Such excellent performances and such strong characters. Yeah, the story line’s pretty fantastic as well and I might have the soundtrack on repeat.

The Lives of Others – I watched a lot of films the past month and I will credit it to coincidence that Ulrich Mühe looks like Kevin Spacey. The way it shows life is truly thought-encouraging.

Carol – I was waiting for this film and frankly despite the visuals, I wanted to dislike it because I don’t like book adaptations but having seen the film and read up about it, I truly rate it highly. And adore Cate Blanchett’s Carol almost as much as I adored Jasmine.

Let me know me know what you think of, you knew it was coming, the Season 3 finale. It’s seriously haunted me for days after I finished the episode (okay, I still keep re-watching certain scenes). On the note of the blog name, I literally don’t know what to do and I think it’d be best if I take a week off since I’ve got a few deadlines coming up. Hopefully, my next revamp won’t be such a fail.

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    1. Thank you for reading darling! Not sure if you’ve already done it but you basically have to claim your blog in settings on Bloglovin’. If you can find your blog, just drop them an e-mail. X

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