Favourite Eye Makeup Brushes

Following up on my favourite face makeup brushes post post my makeup brush buying obsession earlier this year, today I’m finally talking all my favourite eye brushes. Glancing at all of these brushes definitely makes it clear that I had a bit of a moment with Rae Morris and pencil brushes but eye makeup is my favourite part of makeup and apparently I couldn’t even keep this under 10 but decided to include some alternatives that could be utilised if your makeup preferences were different to mine. Continue reading “Favourite Eye Makeup Brushes”

Favourite Face Makeup Brushes

I’ve had this blog post idea lurking in the shadows for quite some time now and I kept putting it off because I recently added a number of Japanese made makeup brushes into my collection and while many of them have replaced my previous favourites, a lot of them were also quite a similar shape and I wanted to get a better feel of them before I labelled any of them as a favourite. Now that I’ve finally got my brush buying obsession under control, I’ve finally reviewed my favourites including both old staples and new additions.  Continue reading “Favourite Face Makeup Brushes”

January Favourites + Blog Fail

Chanel Farouche, Essie In Stitches, Mac Naked Lunch Antiqued Having gone rogue with the blog’s content, this month I decide to include a few lifestyle and film favourites. First of all, I have loved the blog revamp. Design and hosting was something I was going to tackle next but to my surprise somebody has already bought The Style Suit. In the past week or so. Considering I was about to do it now, let’s just say I’m a tad bit upset! My favourite part is that there is literally no content on that website. What a fab beginning of the year… Let’s talk what I did enjoy though. Continue reading “January Favourites + Blog Fail”

Top Three Makeup Brands

Chanel Accent, Nars Douceur, Mac HoneyloveOnce upon a time, the only high-end brand I was interested in was the infamous CC. That still holds a special place in my heart but blogging has definitely opened my… hm, wallet to other brands as well. I have tried bits from many but today, I thought I’ll bring to you a round-up of those how I think are the best as a whole. Continue reading “Top Three Makeup Brands”