Mac In Monochrome Velvet Teddy Look

It’s no surprise I was all over Mac in Monochrome collection since I’m not exactly keen on colour blocking and to be honest, I tend to go for a monochrome look most of the time anyway. No surprise, the colour I picked was Velvet Teddy seeing as I’m already a big fan of the lipstick shade but the blusher that comes along with the Diva collection is equally as tempting. I pretty much picked this up blindly without having even swatched the shades or having seen any swatches before but luckily they turned out to be exactly what you would except of the Velvet Teddy colour family. Continue reading “Mac In Monochrome Velvet Teddy Look”

Charlotte Tibury Pillow Talk Eye Palette


I never actually swatched the Pillow Talk lip liner and the lipstick that followed, simply because I swear by Iconic Nude and Very Victoria but while a pink lip is not something I gravitate towards (hence why I paired this look with Hepburn Honey), a pink toned eyeshadow palette definitely is. The blusher in the collection also gives off the Chanel Accent vibe and I might eventually give in but as this collection is an online exclusive, I figured I’d start off with the Luxury Eye Palette. Continue reading “Charlotte Tibury Pillow Talk Eye Palette”

Why I Love Chanel Farouche

Chanel Rouge Allure FaroucheThis title format only once appeared on this blog when I discussed Nars Audacious in Barbara. My all-time favourite lipstick. In terms of packaging, colour, formula and even the name. I just love the name Barbara to bits. Now, you might be able to guess that there is a new addition in my lipstick stash. I haven’t bought a single makeup item, except for my Mac Duo, since November so this feels very special. Continue reading “Why I Love Chanel Farouche”

New In: Nails Inc Porchester Square

Nails Inc Porchester Square

This one is another Vivianna Does Makeup enabled purchases and funny enough, it’s another nail polish shade. I believe this to basically be the signature Anna colour and yet every time, I went into Boots to pick it up, it was out of stock but I finally have. Continue reading “New In: Nails Inc Porchester Square”

The Ultimate Vampy Lip

DSC02392Part of the reason why I’ve always wanted to try Nars products was the names referencing all sorts of films, characters and events of the early 20th century and you might know referencing is my jam. Train Bleu is obviously named after a Ballets Russes ballet (or the French train) which Gabrielle Chanel designed costumes for. So smart for I did a whole presentation on Ballets Russes back in the day. Damn, I could really use that Diaghilev book I have back at home to shoot on. However, I obviously love a bold lip, matte even better, in a pencil – brilliant. Continue reading “The Ultimate Vampy Lip”