January Favourites + Blog Fail

Chanel Farouche, Essie In Stitches, Mac Naked Lunch Antiqued Having gone rogue with the blog’s content, this month I decide to include a few lifestyle and film favourites. First of all, I have loved the blog revamp. Design and hosting was something I was going to tackle next but to my surprise somebody has already bought The Style Suit. In the past week or so. Considering I was about to do it now, let’s just say I’m a tad bit upset! My favourite part is that there is literally no content on that website. What a fab beginning of the year… Let’s talk what I did enjoy though. Continue reading “January Favourites + Blog Fail”

Top 15 of 2015

Oskia, Burberry, Makeup Geek Frappe, Mac Chili, NYX Butter, Diptyque Tam Dao, Nars Douceur, Tom Ford Terra, Chanel Exception2015 was indeed a life-changing year for me. I moved. I blogged. I read up about minimalism lifestyle quite a bit (sneak peak of what might be coming in 2016!). My world just basically turned upside down and I’m just trying to figure things out. Nonetheless, I’m sharing with you the products that stood out to me in the whole of 2015. Continue reading “Top 15 of 2015”

Embracing Summer Nail Colours


You might have noticed I’m a monochrome lover through and through. For the majority of time that also includes my nail colour where my bravest shades include reds and whites. Still keeping that theme in summer, I do like to give some love to my brighter polishes. Continue reading “Embracing Summer Nail Colours”

May Favourites: Beauty and Fashion

Nars Barbara Tom Ford Cafe Rose Chanel Grenat Essie May… it’s safe to say I’m happy it’s finally over so I can take a deep breath and relax. In terms of makeup, I haven’t really bought any new products so like I did last month, I thought I’d throw in a couple other non-beauty related favourites. Continue reading “May Favourites: Beauty and Fashion”